SA Global Cannabis E-Protest

September 12, 2020 @ 12:00 am – September 19, 2020 @ 11:59 pm
World Wide Web
SA Global Cannabis E-Protest @ World Wide Web

SA Global Cannabis E-Protest

We would have taken to the streets in May 2020 but we were unfortunately denied that opportunity due to a Global Pandemic. We action protest annually and have promised to do so until our wants, needs and desires to gain equal and fair access to the Cannabis Industry and its Trade in South Africa has been acknowledged.

We use this platform to voice the concerns of the public because we do not feel that our Government have taken the necessary steps to exercise Public Participation procedures. Laws have been made without our participation and this is unconstitutional. This issue has now turned into a Human Rights Issue and the people have had enough.

We may not be able to take to the streets in our numbers, but like the times that have changed, so will our approach.
We call you to join our week long E-Protest across SA, a joint effort in unifying our concerns through technology.

This online protest will happen between 12 -19 September 2020.

A week of online protest action by using the HashTag #SAGCM2020
You will create your Banners/placards/graphics or even just a selfie, upload to your Social Media with the Hashtag, the aim is to gain traction to our message through the Hashtag. (Prizes to be won for best in independent categories)
You will use this Hashtag when you share your stories online about how unfairly you feel the system has placed you and what possible remedies there are. Sharing our experiences not only helps those who are going through similar struggles but also empowers and encourages others to also speak up, we are living in a time that calls for Activism, YOU ARE THAT!

We will use this opportunity to further unify our diverse demographics that support Cannabis in SA, we are one… let’s start acting like it.

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